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Do You Believe in Rumors? Who Were the Elegant Hippies seen at the Oceano Hotel?

Friends have told me that they spotted some very rich, beautiful looking “hippies” staying at the Oceano Hotel in Princeton-by-the-Sea. I got excited and asked: What does a rich hippie look like? What were they wearing? What did their hair … Continue reading

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1970s : Giant Log Was Carved at Miramar Beach

(Image: The Michael Powers homestead in Miramar Beach, with the huge redwood log in front. Photo by Michael Powers.) In the late 1970s, Princeton shipbuilder Manuel Senteio, arrived at Miramar Beach, driving his crane to move a 20-foot-long, 3000 pound … Continue reading

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Meet the Threaded Abalone

Distinguishing Characters: Shell oval, moderately thin, arched. Attains a length of six inches but most are small than four. Surface fairly regular with prominent, broad spiral ribs interspaced by several low, narrow ribs or ridges. Four to six holes open, … Continue reading

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Me with Ab

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Princeton-by-the-Sea is a place where many historic events happened

There are many of us on the Coastside who wish to see Princeton continue to be a “place,” with it’s name on an official sign, as in the classic photo at the top of my blog. “Princeton,” the sign reads, … Continue reading

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The Emerald of Half Moon Bay: Story by Bill Claudino

Restoring the “Irene”: Emerald of the Bay by Bill Claudino Have you seen “the restoration project” at the pier in Princeton? The old fishing boat, the “Irene” is being restored. When I was a boy, this was the “Emerald of … Continue reading

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The White Abalone

Haliotis sorenseni Bartsch 1940 Distinguishing Characteristics: Shell thin and light, oval, highly arched, reddish brown color exteriorly. Surface sculpture regular, with low spiral ribs, usually covered by lush marine growth, especially tube dwelling mollusks. The holes are highly elevated and … Continue reading

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1945: Slain Sea Lions Strew County Coastline

Story from the Half Moon Bay Review The year was 1945 “Professional fishermen on the Coastside have turned hunters and their accuracy is costing the county a headache. “The anglers are ‘knocking off’ the seals and sea lions that have … Continue reading

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Northern California Developer Henry Doelger Took A Long Look At The Coastside

Famous developer Henry Doelger had much to do with plans to transform Princeton-by-the-Sea, Moss Beach and Montara in the 1960s. You can find some HMB Review articles related to Doelger on this blog. Here’s a piece I wrote about Henry … Continue reading

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Meet the Pinto Abalone

First, what happened to the old Princeton sign? The one you see in the permanent blog photo above…it says Princeton, pop. 300. Who has that classic old sign? We should put it back where it belongs. Here’s the Pinto Abalone: … Continue reading

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