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Meet the Green Abalone:The Most Beautiful of them all?

Distinguishing Characters: Shell is oval, fairly thick, reaching 10 inches in greatest diameter but most individuals between five and eight. Outer surface an olive green to reddish brown color, regular in form and sculpture, with numerous, broad, flat-topped ribs separated … Continue reading

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Abs Were Them?

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Meet Frank Celestre of Able Body Pet Care

and find out why his friends used to call him “Deep,” and why they now call him “Shallow.”

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Frank Celestre Takes Amy, Matzo, Jasmine & Rocky for a Hike

See the video: Meet Frank and the adorable dogs; you can’t see him, but that’s Rocky in the back window. Frank’s business is:

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1977: Fishermen Larry & Jim Fortado, Lovin' It, Out on the Coast, Near the Ocean

“Larry and Jim Fortado: Fishermen,” written by Robbie Bergerson, appeared in the book (1977) Transitions: Montara to Pescadero, An Oral History. inspired and edited by Canada College teacher Aida Hinjosa. Photograph of Larry and Jim Fortado’s boat, the Julia Marie … Continue reading

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1970s: I saw the harbor lights

Photo of El Granada with Pillar Point Harbor, 1970s, courtesy Jerry Koontz,

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1950s: "Build Pillar Point Breakwater and this Coast will Grow Beyond Anyone's Imagination," Katherine Middleton

Katherine Middleton was known as the “honorary mayor” of Princeton in the 1940s and 50s. She died at age 96 in 1957. She was the center of attention at many political and social events, an ardent supporter of what the … Continue reading

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Fran Young has been busy with life: read his email

I have been in Pennsylvania . Just laid my Dad to rest Saturday after a long 10- year battle with cancer, I was glad to be there with him in his final moments, Dad and I shared more than just … Continue reading

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Half Moon Bay Bakery in town is also a temple to 1950s drag racing on the Coastside

While you’re buying fresh bread and pastries at HMB Bakery, be sure to enjoy the historic photographs of Coastside drag racing that owner Mark Andermahr has lovingly posted on the walls of his shop.

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1977: Joe Cordova: To build a boat

(The following is from the May 1980 edition of the Beachcomber. The Cordova story written by Bill Hendricks originally appeared in the 1977 book: Transitions: Montara to Pescadero, an oral history, a project initiated and edited by Canada teacher Aida … Continue reading

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